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10 Basics Of Nutrition You Should Know!

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Nutrition is an important aspect of human health. However, there are way too many misconceptions about nutrition.

First, let us find out what nutrition is!

What Is Nutrition

It is all about having the required nutrients incorrect amount and good proportions. Malnutrition is a problem that arises due to a lack of good nutrition and vitamin deficiencies. One must ensure to take in all the necessary vitamins and minerals which you can get through a balanced diet.

Daily nutrition intake is usually a result of what you choose to eat without inconveniencing yourself. If you still doubt your daily food gives you enough nutrition then include superfoods like spinach, yogurt, milk, broccoli. and even almonds- they are the world’s healthiest food.

A healthy breakfast is one, which is packed with nutrients, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. Choose a bowl full of cereals, porridge, oats and brown bread sandwich.

10 Basics Of Nutrition You Should Know!
10 Basics Of Nutrition You Should Know!

So now here we have for you 10 basic truths about nutrition you should know!

Truths About Nutrition

1. There is no weight loss of magic bullets.

2. Calories = 4x carbs + 4x proteins + 9x fats (in grams).

3. Calories in – calories expended = the amount of weight you gain/lose, at about 3,500 calories per pound of body fat. That’s not precise, but it’s a pretty good approximation, and there are no miracles that circumvent it.

4. We don’t even know what all of the micronutrients are. A diet containing a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains will contain as much as you need of all of them.

5. Fiber is about the only nutrient that Americans are regularly in short supply of. Women often need more calcium and iron, and some B vitamins.

6. Unless specifically diagnosed with a metabolic problem, you won’t need to take extra supplements if you have a healthy diet, as in #4. And if you have enough of them, adding more won’t make you any healthier.

7. The more processed a food is, the more nutrition it loses. Basic cooking can help make nutrients more available, but heavily processed foods will have lost much. “Enriching” it generally doesn’t help.

Other Serious Facts

Sugar is unnecessary for your diet but does little harm in moderation. Replacing it with zero-calorie sweeteners does not appear to help and may hurt.

Serious metabolic disorders are on the rise. You need to see a doctor to devise a good nutrition plan for your case. The advice I give here will help prevent nutritional disorders, but only a doctor can diagnose problems.

10 Basics Of Nutrition You Should Know!
10 Basics Of Nutrition You Should Know!

Despite the flap in newspapers, the basic outlines of nutrition are the same as decades ago: lean meats, whole grains, a variety of vegetables, easy on the pure starches and sugars (and refined foods in general), not too many calories. The rest is mostly fad and overgeneralization.


So as we can see here, nutrition is very important for our health. However, what is even more important is knowing which part of it is correct and can actually help us get more healthy!

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