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10 Interesting Eggs Nutrition Facts

Eggs Nutrition Facts

If foods can be superheroes, Eggs will be the ultimate hero. Eggs are a great source of nutrients, and we use them to create different dishes. Aside from that, eggs come in a variety of forms making it very easy to work with and very easy to add to almost all meals we have. You can never go wrong with eggs. We compiled ten facts about the health benefit of an egg.

Extremely nutritious

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One large egg contains vitamin B5, vitamin B2, vitamin A, vitamin B12, Phosphorous, selenium, Folate, and decent amounts of other vitamins such as calcium, vitamins D, E, K, B6, and zinc. That’s an immense amount of nutrients in just one serving!

High in cholesterol but does not affect blood levels

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Everyone knows that eggs are full of cholesterol. Although people may fear its cholesterol content, in reality, it has no actual effect on blood cholesterol that causes high blood pressure.

Eggs increase High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

People with high HDL have lower risks of having a stroke, heart attack, and other diseases. One experiment concludes that two eggs a day for six weeks can increase the HDL by 10%.

Egg contains a secret nutrient, namely Choline.

Choline is a rarely found nutrient that is essential. It improves cells and the brain. It also is very important in pregnancy for the development of the brain of the baby. Fortunately, eggs contain 100mg of this precious nutrient. You need not look to far to have a good supply of choline.

Eggs reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Egg contains LDL or bad cholesterol that makes people think it’s dangerous. Although eggs contain LDL, what people neglected is that there are small and large LDL. People with small LDL are at risk, while people with large LDL have a lower risk of heart diseases. Eggs produce LDL that grows to a large LDL, which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Contains antioxidants

Eggs contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants that help improve eyesight.

Pasteurized eggs lower the risk of heart diseases.

Pasteurized eggs contain omega-3, which reduces triglycerides that cause heart diseases.

High in Protein

Eggs are high in protein, which strengthens the body. Most muscle builders turn to eggs for their dose of protein. This is a very good and inexpensive source of proteins.

Eggs were mistreated.

The association between eggs and cholesterol is well known. People thought it causes strokes, but recent studies show no actual relationship between eggs and stroke. In fact, it was recently known that eggs provide High HDL which is the good kind that helps rid of cholesterol.

It helps you lose weight.

A single egg can make you full instantly and reduces your calorie intake for the next few hours. Study shows that people who eat egg in the morning tend to eat low calories during the day. It also contains a big amount of protein so it’s perfect for those who want to lose weight and build some muscles.

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