20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look

Many people will definitely wonder what galaxy hair is. It sounds unusual, and we are confident that numerous women haven’t even heard about this trend. By the way, galaxy hair has not lost its position for several seasons, and all fashionistas adore it. Of course, such a hairstyle is not for all. If you prefer remaining conservative concerning your hairstyle, the best option is to pick a plain shade that suits your color type and face shape.

However, those who are open to experiments should try this hair color trend. If you are not in the mood to risk and dye your curls, just use some hair crayons and mix the colors as you like. Such products don’t last long, but it’s a great way to select the best galaxy shades before going to the hairdresser’s and making a long-term hairstyle.

As a rule, such coiffure implies vibrant hues, but you can choose the pastel colors that suit your skin tone. If you haven’t tried this trend yet, but are excited about changing your appearance, you can find plenty of useful details here. All information on this page will help you decide whether you would like to add new colors to your appearance. We have gathered the most impressive galaxy hair color ideas for every woman. Moreover, those who have already made such a haircut can get some new color schemes and make your appearance even brighter. Stay tuned!

1. Purple Galaxy Hair

It may seem obvious, but purple hair colors are the most common in galaxy hairstyles. Such cosmic hair really resembles pictures from space, making your coiffure bright and attractive. Saturated purple colors will look perfect on dark hair, but blondes can also find a suitable shade. However, many owners of such a hairstyle notice that hair falls. The simplest option to avoid it is to take care of your health condition. Make sure that you eat enough fruit, vegetables, and saturated fats. If it’s not enough, consider taking some vitamins, but it is better to consult your physician first. Moreover, hair care is also significant, so don’t forget to use balms and masks that suit you.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

2. Northern Lights

This gorgeous blue-green combination in bright colors is truly reminiscent of the Northern Lights. Can you imagine such beauty in your hair? This fantastic choice for ladies of all hair and skin colors will be a great addition to your look. Northern lights on your hair will attract a lot of attention from people surrounding you. Many women think that such a hairstyle can be inappropriate in office or business meetings. However, it is worth noting that the modern world is tolerant of various trends, so now, such a hairstyle in vibrant hues will hardly cause resentment from your boss. Of course, every lady decides whether she can afford a galaxy hairstyle. We assure you that if you are ready to risk and make such a hair dying, everybody will be impressed with your amazing locks!

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

3. Outer Space Hair Color

In this case, remember to ask your hairdresser to use not less than six colors. This way, your hair will look really cosmic! As a rule, such a galaxy style implies using purple, blue, red, pink, and others. However, you can choose any shades that suit your color type. Such dying technique looks like a color melt and fully resembles space. However, making such changes requires courage, so be ready that people will pay attention to you. This gorgeous combination will look unusual and attract tons of attention from the surrounding people. Overall, with such a hairstyle, you don’t have to use additional hair care or any special beauty tips. Just use proper shampoo, balm, and other hair care products to provide shine and glossy hair texture.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

4. Vivid Galaxy Hair Color

Are you in the mood to create a fantastic cosmic look that people won’t forget for lots of time? Consider a vivid hairstyle, which is undeniably one of the best galaxy hair color ideas. This technique implies an impressive blend, usually including pink color mixed with blue. This option can suit both young ladies and older women who want to make their appearance more interesting. The magenta color is amazing for people with dark hair, while blondes should better pick pastel light colors.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

5. Rainbow Galaxy Hair

Can’t decide which color to put on your hair? Add all the colors of the rainbow at once and shine. If you are in a team of people who adore much attention and prefer experiments with their appearance, this trend is exactly for you! This fun hairstyle is an impressive solution for extravagant ladies and implies a combination of 7-8 colors in your coiffure. Many women consider such an idea weird, but it’s really worth trying. The main thing concerning the rainbow hair color trend is picking the best colors, which will favorably shade your skin. You will definitely not be left without admiring glances with such a bright hair dye.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

6. Cold Blue Space Hair Color

Such a hairstyle is a great option for ladies with pale skin, which will undoubtedly highlight her individuality with cold hair tones. If you feel it would be better not to make plain hair in one color, such a technique will be perfect for you. Girls with fair skin tones who cannot decide about the colors they want to use can utilize some hair crayons or other products that will wash off in a few days. This galaxy hair trend implies using light purple and pale blue. If you are not ready to have saturated purple hair, choose pastel pink and experiment.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

7. Blue and Purple Galaxy Hair

Purple and blue tones are the most common colors used in galaxy hair trends. If you want to get a unique hairstyle, contact your hairdresser immediately, and they will help you pick the most suitable shades. Your purple swirls will not be unnoticed! Styling such a coiffure is not difficult since you should only blow dry it, but don’t forget about heat protectants. So, make sure to select the best galaxy color suiting your appearance and be ready to make an unforgettable impression.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

8. Pink and Purple Galaxy Hair

We are confident that each girl has at least once dreamed about a Barbie hairstyle. And it’s time to make it a reality. Nowadays, the pink and purple combination is in top trends and is a great solution both for blondes and brunettes. Every experienced hairstylist will definitely help you and choose the best hairstyle exactly for you. And since there are numerous shades of pink hair dying, each lady will find something suitable. If you want to get bright shiny hair, such an experiment with your coiffure is totally worth it.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

9. Jewel Tones Galaxy Hair

Such a hairstyle mostly suits ladies with dark hair and makes the hairdo look brighter and more attractive. However, blondes will also select an appropriate color blend. Do you want to get a real space on your head? Of course, galaxy hair colors vary, and you should choose them according to your type. However, the most popular ones include purple, blue, emerald, and magenta. If you prefer pastel colors, you can also use them. Deep green hair will also cause the same effect – just add some blue shade! Try some experiment combinations to select the perfect one and enjoy jewels on your hair.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

10. Green Galaxy Hair

Although green hair may seem weird, many fashionistas worldwide prefer it to highlight their personality and stand out from the crowd. Inspiring bright green hair will be a great solution for those who prefer to attract a lot of attention. Ladies who want to create a fun look should pick chartreuse, lime, and other bright shades. It is considered that such a hairstyle will look good on long and short hair. Decide on the most amazing shades for your mixed hair dye and enjoy admiring glances of other people. Some exciting coiffure ideas will also look awesome. For instance, you can make braids, if you don’t like going with your hair down.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

11. Rainbow Galaxy with Natural Roots

The most significant advantage of a rainbow coiffure is that it can be done so that there is no need to dye hair too often. Make sure to leave natural roots and not mix bright hair colors on them. The most common variant of the rainbow galaxy hairstyle is blue hair with numerous shades of purple hair. Such a combination will suit all women independently of their skin color. Moreover, every experienced hairdresser will easily help you select the best shades. Add them to the mixing bowls and ensure they match perfectly. The selection of hair colors that modern hairdressers can offer is insane!

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20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

12. Yellow Hair with Natural Roots

Does yellow hair seem unusual for you? Of course, it cannot be considered a classic haircut, but it will make you stand out from the crowd. There are multiple shades of yellow hair, so you shouldn’t obligatorily choose bright colors. You can start with a typical blond and then add a beautiful color melt. Yellow color melt will also suit ladies with brown and black hair.

Previously, overgrown dark roots were considered ugly and even vulgar, but now it is a real trend. Of course, the yellow color can fade with time, so you must regularly visit your hairdresser. You can make such a coiffure both on long and short hair, and it is also worth noting that numerous shades suit dark skin tone.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

13. Cold Blue Stripes

If you are not ready to color all hair, blue hair stripes are a perfect alternative for you. Coldwater hair tones will amazingly suit blonde girls with pale skin. It is one of the most impressive galaxy hair ideas, which doesn’t require you to stay at your hairdresser’s for long. You can select the best colors for your skin type and make your coiffure bright with the most vibrant hues. Such a cool hairstyle is one of the best hair color ideas to make you look younger and more fashionable.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

14. Teal Hair Color

Many girls dreamed about being a mermaid or just looking like one in childhood. And now your dreams can come true! Deep teal color style is now at its peak of popularity, and numerous trend hunters have already tried it. If you consider yourself too conservative for such a hairstyle, just pick a more muted color. Such shades imply a mixture of blue and green colors, which form a wonderful galaxy look. This hairstyle suits any hair length and will look amazing both on short bob, pixie, or long curls. Consider the dying ideas of modern influencers and find more inspiration to make an astonishing coiffure!

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

15. Blue and Green Galaxy Hair

All trends hunters know that the most impressive color blend for galaxy coiffure implies blue and green shades. Those who want to get an impressive bright hairstyle should try this option. Of course, there is a common stereotype that such a coiffure is suitable only for younger women. However, numerous elderly ladies are brave enough to have such hair dye, and they are a real inspiration! We assure you that aqua and green hair color suits both blondes and brunettes. You should just pick the appropriate tone. And it’s up to you whether to add more blue or green layers – it all depends on your preferences!

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

16. Platinum Blonde and Pink Hair

Platinum blonde is a classic that will never lose its popularity. And if you are in the mood to do some experiments with your appearance, consider adding pink hair to your coiffure. These can make bright highlights and distinguish your personality from others. Visit your hairdresser, who will find the most suitable option to help you achieve the best color. Moreover, a platinum blonde with pink will form an amazing galaxy hair. Although such a hairstyle cannot be considered classic, it is the best way to make your look brighter.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

17. Cosmic Dark Blue Hair

If you have dark hair and pale skin, galaxy hair will look magic. It doesn’t matter whether you have short or long hair since this hairstyle suits absolutely everybody. Purple ends will add an impressive highlight to your image and make you feel like a celebrity. Keep in mind that a blend of blue and pink also looks amazing. If you have already decided to make such a coiffure, plan your hair appointment with a hairdresser in advance since it can take quite a lot of time.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

18. Burning Orange Hair

Try this unusual trend if you are ready for some significant changes in your life! Orange hair is for self-confident women who are used to attracting tons of attention. Although galaxy hair color ideas usually include blue, green, or purple, ladies often underestimate orange shades. Moreover, you can leave your natural roots and make a smooth transition. Those who want to have a rainbow dying can leave space for other colors, such as yellow or red. Or even add some contrast shades!

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

19. Lavender and Magenta

A mixture of magenta and lavender hair color suits any appearance and is a perfect choice for bright and attractive personalities. This two-colour blend is typically performed in two popular techniques: balayage and ombre. They are considered complicated, so make sure to select a professional hairdresser to avoid any unpleasant situations. The dying process can take much time, but you will eventually receive an impressive galaxy hairstyle, which will delight you every day.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

20. Hidden Galaxy-Hued Highlights

This hairstyle does not involve the use of bright colors, and its main feature is that the shades are close to your natural hair color. For this reason, you can receive impressive hidden highlights, at the same time leaving your coiffure strict and non-provocative. Such galaxy hues with proper shades are considered relevant for any occasion, for instance, going to the office. Another option for a similar hairstyle is to color only the lower part of the hair, highlighting your unique style.

20 Incredible Galaxy Hair Color Ideas to Complete Your Look - Hairstylery

How to Prevent Rainbow Hair from Fading?

Different factors such as water quality, ultraviolet, and other environmental factors can adversely affect the condition of your galaxy or rainbow hair. However, the modern innovations allow you to take care of your coiffure our recommendations on what to imply for preserving the quality of your coiffure.

You should first consider selecting the best cosmetics for colored hair. Of course, it is necessary to pick products suitable for your hair and skin type. Using just shampoo is not the best option since your hair will fade too quickly. So, make sure you use a good balm, mask, or both. To choose all cosmetics properly, consult your hairdresser, who will help you with the selection.

Moreover, washing your hair too frequently is also not the best idea. If the hair type does not allow this, then select sulfate-free shampoos that guarantee the preservation of color. Go to any specialized store, and the consultant will choose the most suitable cosmetics for you.

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