8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

Putting makeup on can bring out your best features. However, if you want to look effortlessly ravishing minus the long hours spent in front of the mirror, you should try going the natural makeup looks route.

A natural look, often dubbed as the “no-makeup” makeup look, allows you to enhance your appearance and highlight striking features of your face. Keep reading to know how to achieve a natural look and use it to your advantage. Plus, you can learn more about this beauty trend and create an all-new skincare routine that will give you a soft look until your golden years.

Achieve the Natural Makeup Look in These 8 Easy Steps

A natural makeup look may sound like all it needs are less or all-nude concealer, and a more natural skin tone revealed. The fact is it’s not as easy as may sound. It all depends on the amount of products you apply, the nude colors you use, and so on.

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For makeup artists and casual makeup wearers out there, here are the basic steps for a natural makeup look. Follow these steps and determine whether you want to achieve a soft natural makeup or a natural glam makeup look!

1. Skip or Go Light on Foundation and Prep With an Illuminating Primer

One of the key products when it comes to full coverage makeup is the foundation. To achieve the natural makeup look, you might have to forego the application of foundation. Instead, prepare your skin with a nude hydrating primer. It will make the surface of your skin smoother and cover facial fine lines and pores.

But if you still want to apply foundation, consider using a lightweight or nude one that allows you to make a buildable coverage. Make sure that the product you use can radiate your skin tone while protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun.

8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

2. Cover Dark Areas with a Concealer Smartly

When applying a concealer, make sure that you’re using the right tone that matches your face—achieving a balanced skin tone makes a huge difference! Choosing the right concealer brush type also matters. We recommend using a brush that’s small and flat to conceal the blemishes and redness on your face. Prioritize your T-zone and areas that require concealing. Makeup sponges can easily blend in your makeup without leaving streaks. The foundation, concealer, or highlighter you apply basically becomes one with your skin. If you’re trying to conceal dark circles on your face, ditch the brush and just use the flat pad of your fingertips to press the product onto the skin.

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8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

3. Put on a Natural Eyeshadow Cream

Natural makeup doesn’t mean that you no longer have to use eyeshadow. We recommend applying natural colors, such as brown, peach, or nude along with a cream base instead of a powder one. If you have a naturally visible lash line, natural eyeshadows will look more beautiful!

Cream eyeshadows are recommended as they tend to last all day long and are also convenient to apply. It won’t matter if you choose a matte or shimmered one since it will all boil down to your taste and preference.

Upon application, put on the lightest shade of matte brown or nude over your eyes up to your brow bone. Once it reaches near your brows, make sure it looks faded. You can add a little matte peach shade on the lid or lash line for added color without going overboard. To finish, consider adding a matte brown eyeshadow and define your crease using it.

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8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

4. Give Your Lashes the Perfect Curl and Mascara

Bring life to your lashes! To do this, make sure you curl them with an eyelash curler first before putting on eye mascara. As for your eye mascara, apply a single coat on your top lashes only. If you want to put mascara under the eye area, make it very light. You may consider getting a clear mascara for a more natural look over the usual colors (black or dark brown). You can also put a little bit of eyeliner on your lash line to obtain a more expressive look.

Using mascara allows the natural beauty of your lashes without going over the top. You may also consider using waterproof mascara if you’re planning to head to the pool or beach.

8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

5. Groom Your Eyebrows

While you don’t necessarily have to shape your eyebrows, we still encourage grooming them, even with the use of a clear brow gel and a spoolie brush. If you want to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in some areas, make sure you create hair-like strokes thinly and evenly. When doing so, start with the inside part of your brow and slowly move outside. Constant eyebrows’ grooming allows you to ditch the eyebrow pencil and go all-natural!

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8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

6. Add Facial Flush with a Chic Blush

Do you want to achieve that youthful flush on your face, mimicking what could be a healthy or dewy glow? Then don’t forget to use a chic blush on your cheeks. Apply it on the apples of your cheek, then brush it upward to blend.

We advise using a cream blush because apart from the fact that it lasts longer than powder, it will also give you that natural-looking glow. You can apply blush either with a brush or your fingers, whatever is comfortable for you.

To know the best shade and exact area on your face where it usually flushes, consider taking notes on this area after you exercise. In doing so, you can exactly apply blush on the part where you’d naturally blush.

8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

7. Highlight Flattering Features

If you love a soft matte glow, you may still want to apply a highlighter on the areas of your face that you want to highlight. These areas may include the top of your cheekbones, your nose tip, the inner part of your eyes, the top part of your lips, or even your chin.

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Just dab the right amount of highlighter and achieve a natural flush as much as possible. You may also use a highlighting cream to bring life to your complexion while keeping it beautiful throughout the day.

8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

8. Don’t Forget Your Lips

To seal your natural makeup look, you can never go wrong with matte lipstick in natural shades. Natural lipstick color is considered the one that is similar to that of your actual lip one. If you don’t want lipstick, you can always go for a lip tint or tinted lip balm. Some would use herbal lip balms or even go for nude lipsticks. Just a tint of color will already make a difference to your overall look without going over the top.

8 Easy-to-follow Steps to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look - Hairstylery

Natural Makeup: A Hype or Here to Stay?

So, to simply answer the question of whether natural makeup is just another hyped-up trend or a look that’s here to stay, we can definitely say that it’s the latter.

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The natural makeup look is one of the latest trends in the beauty industry loved by makeup artists and amateurs alike. It’s here to stay, and this trend doesn’t necessarily downplay the full coverage makeup look or the cat-eye hype on the lash line.

It serves as an option for people who want to highlight certain parts of their face and eliminate the dry skin look without going all-in. For those who usually opt for full-face makeup, this trend allows them to take a breath without removing their makeup completely.

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Makeup doesn’t only exist to please people around us, but it’s also a way to enhance and highlight our facial features. Unfortunately, there are standards we often tend to associate with facial beauty. In the past few years, we had to be all glammed and covered up to fit, please, or suit what society dictates.

To ensure that there’s no room for spots and blemishes, full coverage makeup is the only way to go. For some, it seems that they couldn’t get out of their homes without layers of full coverage foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, and skin highlighter. All these standards and the multitude of beauty products changed people’s outlook on makeup.

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That’s why, when the no-makeup makeup became more trendy and hyped up—all thanks to social media—most of us changed the way we look at makeup. The natural-looking makeup look is indeed a game-changer. It made the makeup application sound so simple without going overboard. Some people already have an everyday natural makeup routine because it’s indeed easy, and you don’t have to be a makeup artist to achieve a stunning look.


Less can easily become more when it comes to makeup. True, there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup. However, sometimes, the amount of products we apply to our face can make or break the way it makes us feel about ourselves and what look we want to achieve on a particular day.

Are you a natural makeup lover or you’re up for black lipsticks and a cat-eye glam on the lash line? Whatever your perception of beauty is, the important thing is that you own it. If you want to slay a natural makeup look, just apply the natural makeup ideas outlined above. Who knows? This basic makeup look might be game-changing for you and will magically give you a natural glow, just as it is for others.

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