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A Keto Diet Meal Plan and Menu That Can Transform Your Body

Keto Diet Plan

Today, people are more conscious about health and fitness. Most people will want to shed excess weight and live a healthier life. Many people will search for dieting, and there’s one specific diet that most people recommend the ketogenic diet.

This diet, according to research, promotes the consumption of high fat, low carb foods. Not only will you shed a few pounds but also, you can live healthier since this diet affects type 2 diabetes and help improve cognitive development. However, it is important that before you go into any kinds of new diet, you must always consult your doctors especially when you’re a newbie.

For beginners who are interested to trying this diet, here’s an example of a keto diet meal plan for you:

Ketogenic diet plan

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This diet might seem intimidating and strict, especially for people with a sweet tooth and loves to eat carbs. The main goal of this diet is to lessen carb intake and increase fatty foods instead. This change will be hard to follow but here are guides to sticking to the diet. Here are keto-friendly foods and food to avoid during the diet:

Foods to eat:

Poultry products like eggs, chicken, and turkey will be part of your diet. Dairy foods are also allowed like full-fat dairies such as yogurt and butter, full-fat cheese like mozzarella, and cream cheese.

Next will be the meat intake, Fat fishes like salmon and mackerel, and som red meats like beef and pork. Almond and walnuts are allowed for the nuts and non-starchy vegetables like green leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

Avocadoes are also permitted in the entire diet. And finally, to season your dish, you can use salt, peppers, and fresh herbs and spices.

If there are foods to eat, there will be foods to avoid as well. The diet will mainly focus on fatty foods and fewer carbs. To have an idea of what to avoid, we also have a list for that.

Here are the foods to avoid:

Everyone should avoid foods full of carbs, like bread and baked goods such as white bread, doughnuts, and cookies. Sweet desserts are the same as sugar, ice cream, maple syrup, and coconut syrup.

As for beverages, all sweet drinks like soda, juice, and sports drinks are prohibited. Same with Pasta like spaghetti, and grains like wheat, oats, rice, and breakfast cereals. Although vegetables are generally healthy, starchy vegetables like potato, squash, and corn should be avoided. It’s also the same for beans like lentils and sweet fruits like banana, apple, and any citrus fruits. Not only that, but alcoholic beverages like beers and high carb sauces like barbecue sauce are also one of the things you’ll have to forget.

It is important to remember that in any diet, especially diets that are new to you, you must consult first your doctor, and you must not make big changes suddenly. The shift in diet must be gradual so that your body will have ample of time to adjust.

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