Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin

Many people take great pride in having smooth, soft skin that almost seems to radiate outwards, inviting others to touch it. Not only that, but some people are lucky enough to have skin that’s blemish-free.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with this kind of skin. So, what can you do to improve the look and feel of your skin? You can start by avoiding some of the foods found on this list.


Preliminary (and ongoing) research shows that cola can have a devastating impact on our skin, particularly in the development of acne. The problem is that cola is simply loaded with weak acids and heavily processed sugar, both of which can have an impact on the skin. Sugar is highly inflammatory and studies have been it’s associated with acne.

It’s no surprise, then, that most health experts recommend people skip the sugar-heavy soda and reach for a water, which contains no calories, no sugar, and no fat. Water can also keep our bodies hydrated, improving the look and feel of skin.

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Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin


Staying hydrated is a critical part of having healthy skin. By dehydrating the body through certain foods and drinks, our skin can start to appear dry and feel rough to the touch.

That’s why it’s important to avoid drinking too much alcohol, a diuretic that robs the body of its most important fluids. Not only will excessive drinking make you feel sick, it will make you look sick and can lead to premature signs of aging.

Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin


If staying hydrated is such a crucial part of getting and maintaining healthy, soft-feeling skin, then it makes sense to cut back on the overall consumption of sodium, or salt. In fact, excessive salt intake can result in puffy eyes, facial bloating, and dry skin.

To compensate for a salty meal, make sure to drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. You might also consider reaching for a banana because potassium can help with the rehydration process.

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Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin


Chances are you didn’t see this one making the list. Agave is used as an all-natural sweetener, making it a very viable alternative to processed sugar.

The problem is that agave is loaded with fructose, which many health experts blame for promoting inflammation. Agave has also been linked with the development of skin problems, including both eczema and acne. That’s why many medical professionals suggest people try natural honey or maple syrup as a sweetener instead.

Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin


Bagels are one of the world’s most popular breakfast foods. When fresh, these soft, doughy foods are a true delight.

But bagels can be a problem for the skin. That’s because they have a high glycemic index, meaning eating them causes our insulin levels to spike. That can result in inflammation in the body, a process that has been shown to accelerate aging and lead to skin problems like acne and rosacea. So, skip the bagel and go for toast or oatmeal instead.

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Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin

French Fries

Loaded with salt and often deep-fried in oil, French fries are hardly the healthiest food choice. But, because they’re packing trans fats that can slow blood circulation, they’re also potentially damaging to your skin. Bad blood circulation can lead to clogged pores and acne and/or flaky skin.

If you’re a huge fan of French fries (and let’s face it, who isn’t) buy the frozen, low-fat variety and bake them in the oven using as little oil as possible.

Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin

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