Nutritionist: Is it a good career to follow? -

Nutritionist: Is it a good career to follow?

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A nutritionist or a dietician is an open field of work. It gets better as more and more people are aware of the need for good nutrition. The workspaces and opportunities in this line of the job will be many in the near future.

To become a Registered Dietitian requires a four-year degree in Food and Nutrition or related field. It is now a known fact that by 2020, people will have to have a degree at the masters level. If people want to take the Registered Dietitian exam, they will need to have a master’s degree.

Areas Of Study For A Nutritionist

Areas of study include biology and microbiology, physiology, chemistry (basic, organic, and biochemistry), statistics, food science, sanitation, clinical nutrition (which includes application of nutrition to medical issues), public health, and miscellaneous courses in which you learn to write a menu, design kitchen and dining areas, including space and equipment requirements. I’m probably forgetting some subjects.

Careers include working with schools, food companies, grocery stores, public health (from education to regulations and laws), long-term care, acute care hospitals, pharmaceutical companies for research, 1:1 counseling, health clinics, and gyms.

You need to be good in the sciences, articulate and able to explain, good at counseling and education, and have good people skills.

Nutritionist: Is it a good career to follow?
Nutritionist: Is it a good career to follow?

Since the science of nutrition continues to evolve, continuing education is required to be updated on new ways to educate people on good nutrition.

The definition of a nutritionist is less well defined. Some have a degree in Food and Nutrition but never took the exam, and others are self-educated. Hence, there is no legal definition.

What Is The Role Of A Nutritionist

The nutritionist title is unregulated. So anyone may call himself/herself one. A dietitian, however, is one that has gone through an approved curriculum and supervised training in various settings (e.g., the clinical community, food service, and private practice).

In layman’s terms, nutritionists and dietitians use food to improve the quality of peoples’ lives whether by promoting large-scale policies, counseling individuals on how to choose healthy options when eating out, designing healthy menus for schools, or writing menu orders for patients suffering from diseases.

Scope Of Nutrition In India

There is a lot of scope for jobs as Dietician / Nutritionists, privately, associated with gyms, etc., or as part of hospitals for advising patients. Perhaps your expression was inadvertent, but the priority for you should be to build a career first and worry about the growth of career later. There is growth in all careers, but it is dependant on individual performance.

Four Kinds Of Job

Nutritionist: Is it a good career to follow?
Nutritionist: Is it a good career to follow?
  1. Research the nutritive value of food.
  2. Understand all food components.
  3. Advise people on eating habits.
  4. Plan diets that will improve health

Hence, we would totally encourage people to go ahead and be a nutritionist! We believe it is a great line of work with a lot of prospects!

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